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Tech Integration

My professional opinion: we have to prepare our students for their 21st Century, not ours or worse yet not our 20th century. We have to prepare kids for the 24/7/365 connected, global economy that they are part of and we cannot do that properly without integrating technology, social networking, and Web 2.0 (and 3.0 as it’s becoming). We can integrate all the technologies that are part of our world in relevant and effective ways and our job is to figure out how to do just that. That’s it.

Here’s an example grant proposal for iPads and for social networking for teachers: WA STEM Grant Proposal & here are some other Sample Grant Proposals.

Here are some other blogs I’ve written about technology integration and use:

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With regards to tech and Web 2.0 tools, Is Variety Better?

And here’s a link to my district’s tech blog, which I maintain, with great tech integration, iPad, 1:1, and teaching posts:
Chimacum School District’s Tech Blog

iPad 1:1 Proposal (A proposal I put together to implement a 1:1 iPad program in my middle school.)

Speak Up Survey 2012 Teacher Results (Results of Chimacum Teachers’ Responses on the 2012 Teacher Survey)

#NCCE2014 and #csd49

My #NCCE2014 Takeaways

The C’s of the 21st Century

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My posts on the problems with using Older Tech!
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Multiple GAFE Accounts, Shared Devices
Older iMacs

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I’m publishing weekly updates to all the incredible resources I find every week from my PLN. These posts are called Diigo Links Weekly and every week I share new links to edtech, edreform, gamification, gbl, science, and other great resources. Check them out:
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  1. Emaggioli

    I enjoyed reading through your site. I will be using both ipad2 and MacBooks in my classroom this fall. I plan to use my class wiki space site as a base for students to collaborate from and post their work. Problem with the iPad is it doesn’t work great while editing wiki pages. Do you have any experience with this? I have spent considerable time developing my wiki site and hate to have to redo. I want to have student make podcast both video and audio, work in google docs, post pictures etc. What do you think?

  2. Alfonso (Al) Gonzalez

    I think having a combo of iPad 2’s and MacBooks in your class is awesome! I’m not familiar at all with the iPad 2 but knowing that iPads still don’t show Flash content and that HTML 5 content is sparce and that a lot of great Web 2.0 tools require Flash having the MacBooks means that your kids can still do anything. I’ve never tried editing Wiki pages with the iPads but just in the span of one school year I’ve seen the iPad go from not being able to work on Google Docs very well to showing much improvement in that area. I don’t think you would need to redo your Wiki but I really don’t know. As for making podcasts, video and audio, working in Google Docs, and posting pictures, all those things are completely doable with an iPad. My students did most of those (no video cause we have first gen iPads). Your kids are going love them and they will be doing great stuff! Good luck!

  3. John Mark

    You said web2.0 (as it’s becoming 3.0) what you mean? will it be like an update to web2.0 blogs? or better than web2.0?

  4. Alfonso Gonzalez

    Hi John,

    I’m still using Web2.0 in that my students blog and use an online discussion forum. They can comment on blogs and get comments from each other and other students. The online discussion forum is for asynchronous discussions on topics we are studying.

    I do not use any Web3.0 in my class. Not yet anyway. 🙂

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