Aug 28

Why do teachers resist change?


There are some factors that we need to take into account when we face teachers who resist change, specifically the changes that are possible by integrating technology for 21st century learning. One big reason teachers resist change is that our identity is being a teacher, often being a SUPER TEACHER. Add to that the way we were trained, which often mirrored the classrooms us old timers went to school, the factory-model, 3 R’s, sit-and-get, one-size-fits-all pencil and paper and textbook.

So you have people whose experience was 19th and 20th century style teaching and that style of teaching is part of their identity as a teacher. That is the filter through which their beliefs and actions about the way teaching and schooling should be goes. So when you throw changes at that teacher you rock their foundation! Change your grading method, watch what you praise, are you fostering a growth mindset, you need to be integrating technology, but are you integrating technology in transformative ways???

How can we help teachers either see that they don’t have to teach the ways they were taught or trained or that by changing the way(s) they teach to meet their learner’s needs does NOT mean they are less of a superhero teacher?

The above picture is my first attempt at creating my own graphic! I have a lot of room for improvement! Superhero clipart public domain.
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