Jul 04

Social Networking for PD

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Workshop Wordle

Answers to the question, “why are you here?”

Our program to have teachers use social networking to connect and learn from each other continued early this summer. We added six teachers to our mix and gave them a short, two-day immersion into the world of blogging and tweeting to connect to learn.

Here’s a website that I put together to help anyone interested in trying out blogging and tweeting: Social Networking for Professional Development.

Four of the six teachers started a blog right away:

Crow Fewmets
Shiobhan Fitzpatrick A Middle School Counselor
Birth to Five
Middle School – An Odyssey of its Own

Still waiting on the other two (I will update once I get their links).

They each started Twitter accounts on day 2 and we practiced using Twitter:

Kathy Panks (elementary school teacher)
Christie Johnson (preschool special education)
Shiobhan Fitzpatrick (middle school counselor)
Shannon Lowrie (middle school language arts and history teacher)
Barb Fogerson (high school counselor)
Debra Gilbreath (Chimacum Schools Librarian)

Looking forward to staying connected this summer!

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