Apr 27

The C’s of the 21st Century

Some Rights Reserved by LangWitches

Some Rights Reserved by LangWitches

I’m finding that the hallmark of 21st Century learning is a move away from the traditional, 19th and 20th century focus on the three R’s (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic) and a move to the C’s. I say the C’s because when I first read about the 21st Century C’s there were three, Connect, Collaborate, Create.

The more I read I noticed the three C’s became the four C’s, Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, and Create.

Then people started to add Curate bringing our total to five C’s!

Now I see another C added that I do agree is quite essential for 21st Century learning, Critical Thinking.

So now we have the six C’s of 21st Century Learning, Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, Curate, Create, using Critical Thinking.

The more I think about the six I think we still have four if we do a little cleaning up. To me Connecting/Communicating/Collaborating go together excellently. I see those as ONE C.

So I say we still have four C’s (can’t seem to get it down to three) and they are:

  • Connect/Communicate/Collaborate,

  • Curate, and

  • Create

  • using Critical Thinking!

Okay, there seem to be more C’s for our consideration: Check out these 7 C’s.

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