Dec 01

Doctopus & Goobric – Sweet Combo!

This post was originally published at the CORELaborate blog here.

Do you correct student papers and give students feedback? Do you use rubrics to score their work and provide feedback? Have you tried Doctopus and Goobric? Those two tools together are awesome!

Make sure you have Doctopus and Goobric installed:

Here’s how they all work:

If you have Google Classroom you can keep track of all their work and scores there too. If I’m doing it correctly, it’s an added step because after I’m done scoring their CER conclusions using Goobric, I still have to go back to Google Classroom, assign each CER conclusion a score, and return it to the student. I copy the comments I left on Goobric and paste it on Google Classroom because I know students will read my comments on Google Classroom. With Goobric they have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of their Google Doc to see what scores I gave them AND to read my comments. That all being said, I would still use both Goobric and Google Classroom because of Goobric’s organization of all the work with my own rubric right there while still using Google Classroom to send and return the work to my students. Google Classroom also organizes the work very well on my Google Drive and students’ Google Drives as well.

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