Jan 11

Differentiating with Google Classroom

I just found out about an update to Google Classroom from THE Journal that allows teachers flexibility in pushing out assignments to students!

So now when I add an assignment, question, or post I can send it to the entire class OR I can select individual students, or a single student, to send it to!



That’s pretty cool! On THE Journal article, they shared how one teacher used this new feature to assign different levels of questions to her students or to assign more or fewer assignments to students depending on readiness. She also was able to push out answer keys to students as they were ready for them!

Other updates mentioned in the article include admin reports for Google Classroom. While I do have admin privileges for my school’s G Suite account I don’t access it very often. When I checked on reports all I saw was a report for apps and their usage. Google Classroom was there. There might be more to it since I’m not that familiar with many G Suite admin features.

Good news for users of Flat.IO, Classcraft, or Little SIS (couldn’t find this service) – Google Classroom now has integration with those services!


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