Jan 02

Skills Learned in School

After writing about the 21st Century C’s I added the Caring C to the list of skills I had put together. I also found some other skills to add to it. It seems to me that Caring fits better with life skills than the four C’s. If we can help students practice the following skills then we are doing our job preparing them for whatever they have coming. With so much content to teach and so much knowledge it’s the skills that are important and they are valid for any content area.


Here’s a Powtoon slideshow I made for kids:

I also made the Powtoon slideshow into a Powtoon video:

Here are some great videos to share with staff and/or students as needed (I found one year that I had students that questioned the need for using technology in Science class – they wanted to use a textbook instead of the Internet and they weren’t so keen on blogging):

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