Oct 08

Save Icon Needs Updating

Office2 HD's save icon.

I enjoy learning things like this. Above is a screen shot of one of Office2 HD’s documents. Notice the floppy disk icon. I kept telling my 6th grade students to tap it to save their documents until I noticed that very few of them have ever even seen a floppy disk! Most didn’t know what a floppy disk was and I didn’t have one handy because I haven’t used one in years!

What icon should software developers use for Save??

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  1. RE: Save icon anachronistic

    I have thought about the anachronistic save icons myself. I like the idea of changing them. How about these ideas…
    * a life preserver
    * a life vest
    * a file cabinet
    * a lock (to lock in changes?)
    * a safe

  2. Those are great ideas, Brian! My fave is the file cabinet but I’m wondering if that’s still old school. I still think of folders on my computer as in a file cabinet. Maybe a safe is best.

    How does this look:

    A safe save icon.

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