This section includes my learning and attempts at gamification AND game-based learning (GBL). I’ve been a gamer since first playing pong at my neighbor’s house when I was seven and I’ve always wondered how to bring that level of engagement, fun, and learning into my classroom. So this is where I’ll be placing links of my journey into gamifying my classroom.

My Diigo Links on Gamification

Gamification vs Game-Based Learning (My understanding of the difference between the two terms.)

My Diigo Links on Game-Based Learning (GBL)

My Scoop.It resources on GBL

Gamification: Where to Begin?

Alternate Reality Game (my first blog post on the topic of gamification)

Gamifying My Classroom (my plan for making the classwork kids do in my classes more like gaming than school work)

Beginning of Year (reflections on how I started the 2012-13 school year and setting up a gaming classroom)

Gamified Classroom? (reflections after a trimester of trying to gamify my classes)

When is Extrinsic Motivation Okay? (My thoughts on using rewards with regards to game-based learning.)

Gamification Alternative to Grading? (My thoughts after a Twitter conversation on badges.)

Gamifying Take 2 (My reflections on my first attempt at Games-Based Learning and plans for next year (2013-14.)

Planning for the Fall Already (More on my plans for the new school year this fall.)

My 6th grade Plan (Got my layout for the 2013-14 year for 6th grade done.)

My 8th grade Plan (Got my layout for the 2013-14 year for 8th grade done.)

Characteristics of GBL (What I’ve been learning about Game-Based Learning)

Make Lessons Attractive (More to consider when turning lessons into quests.)

Rewards and Gaming (Things to think about when doling out rewards in gamified classrooms.)

Elements that Make Games Motivating (A Glog I made to share the elements of motivation.)

Whole Class vs Individual vs Small Group (Offering students choice yet keep a scope and sequence. The balance.)

Badges, Do We Need Them? (More on badges, achievements (rewards) in the gamified classroom.)

Game Addiction (My experience with game addiction.)

Machinima (What it is. Can we use it in the classroom? Yeah!)

Almost Ready for Fall (I’ve got my 6th and 8th grade plans on 3D GameLab and am ready to go!)

Gamification Resources (Slides from a presentation I gave for #RSCON4 on my gamification attempts.)

Gamified Science Courses (How 3D GameLab has helped me gamify my Science classes. It’s a pretty cool tool.)

Gaming and Motivation (An example of how gaming changed my life.)

Why Game? (Why do people like games? My thoughts.)

1st Semester Assessment (Assessing the first semester in ROLE classes and using 3D GameLab.)

WoW in Science (My use of World of Warcraft in Science class!)
Day 1 WoW in Science (Our first day playing WoW in Science class!)
Day 2 WoW in Science
Day 3 WoW in Science
Day 4 WoW in Science
Day 5 WoW in Science
Day 6 WoW in Science
Days 7, 8, and 9 WoW in Science
Days 10, 11, 12, 13 WoW in Science
#GBL with WoW (final reflection)

Classdojo or Classcraft (two easy ways to introduce some gamification into your classroom)
3D GameLab and/or Classcraft??? (making a choice to use both or one or the other)
Hard Decisions (I made the choice between 3D GameLab and Classcraft)

Hour of Code Week

Am I a Hypocrite? (Awards vs Badges and XP)
PBIS and Rewards (Follow-Up Blog to Am I a Hypocrite)

Star Trek Choose Your Own Adventure Class Story
The Story Continues…
Next Episode
Following an Energy Trail
Rule Out the Klingons?
Away Team
Mid-Season Finale
Averting War
Season Finale!

Second Attempt at Using WoWinSchools with my Students:
Literacy with WoW
1st Quarter WoW
1st Quarter WoW Complete
WoW Dancing
Game-Based Learning

Video Games in the Classroom

My GBL and Gamification NCCE Notes

Presenting at WSTA 2015 (I did a Gamification presentation at a Science Conference!)
Presenting at NCCE 2016 (I also shared my Gamification presentation at this year’s NCCE!)

Other Reasons to Gamify (Infographic)

Flow in School

School as a Game (A post about gamification – the basics)

World of Warcraft Interview (A blog post interview by Classcraft about my using WoW in Schools!)

Playing the Game of School (I am now using Classcraft AND 3D GameLab! This post shows how.)


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