Dec 09

Day 4 WoW in Science #gbl

wow_logo_velke-1I expected today to go smoothly. Not so much. Four kids in my morning class needed their password reset due to account being accessed elsewhere. I don’t know what else could cause that so I reminded kids why I ask that they only play the Science accounts during Science class. Battle.Net was down so it took all period to get all four kids playing and the last one barely got any playing time.

If that weren’t enough two, maybe three computers, including one I played on, kept getting an error 132 fatal exception when entering the WoW world with our characters. There is a lot online about that error and it looks like drivers, sound cards, video cards or who knows what sorts of issues. Updating Windows might help. Oh great. Luckily, we have more computers than students so we’ll manage (quick, temp fix). One student was fine starting a new character because switching to another computer didn’t work! Another student was fine switching to a new computer though so I don’t know what’s going on. On one computer the error crashed Windows and it restarted a bunch of times!

By my afternoon class things went more smoothly but one kid lost his character. I need to follow up with possible character deleting from the morning class. It happened on an account used by a student with autism so I just need to explain. I still think it was better for me to create 30 accounts that two classes share, especially since one account can make seven characters per server, instead of making 55+ accounts where each student had his or her own individual account. Works better for me and I want students to know these are shared and not their own to do with as they please. We’re having fun but we’re doing this to practice some Science not JUST to play. The play is a great side benefit.

Hopefully tomorrow will go better. 🙂

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