Dec 09

Rule Out the Klingons?

star-trek_communique Our class ship, the USS Equinox, was dispatched to investigate the mystery of the destruction of the Bombay when they discovered another destroyed ship, the Tholian Aen’q Tholis. Unlike the Bombay, the Aen’q Tholis was destroyed by what appears to be phaser fire from another starship. Whatever destroyed the Bombay was not responsible for destroying the Aen’q Tholis. The question the crew of the Equinox has is whether or not the destruction of the Aen’q Tholis and the destruction of the Bombay are related in any way?

The only starships near the Aen’q Tholis belonged to the Klingon Empire so Ambassador Jetanien, back at Starbase 47, is questioning the Klingon Ambassador to determine if the Klingons had anything to do with the Aen’q Tholis’s destruction.

To find out what happens next, students found this QR code in the classroom (it is a clickable link for those who are viewing it on the device they use to scan QR codes):

To figure what to do next, students also found this QR code in class the day after finding the above code (also clickable):

Star Trek Choose Your Own Adventure Class Story
The Story Continues…
Next Episode
Following an Energy Trail
Rule Out the Klingons?
Away Team
Mid-Season Finale
Averting War
Season Finale!

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