Feb 25

Class Trek Mid Season Finale


In this mid-season finale to our ongoing Star Trek class story an incredible secret is revealed.

The QR code is clickable. It has been awhile since the last part of our story, which was like a finale in itself. The place I put the QR code went pretty much unnoticed for about three weeks! I couldn’t think of how to make the story interactive so this is all reading the story instead of choosing anything. I did add a poll to this one to see who kids thought might be causing some trouble and the votes were split pretty evenly between all the choices! I also added some questions in the end to learn a little bit about space travel, or at least what would be involved.

I’m not sure where to go next. I know what happens next in the story but I’m learning towards ending it quickly because it’s hard to find time to write and I have a lot on my plate right now. We’ll see. I do have another story started but don’t know if I have enough to make through to the end of the year.

Star Trek Choose Your Own Adventure Class Story
The Story Continues…
Next Episode
Following an Energy Trail
Rule Out the Klingons?
Away Team
Mid-Season Finale
Averting War
Season Finale!

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