Oct 21

Next Episode in the Voyages of the Starship Equinox

I am using this butcher paper poster to collect our room 410 continuing story of the Starship Equinox. I have been adding a story element to my gamified Science course and the story continues.

On this poster I am storing all the QR codes that have appeared so far in our classroom in case students want to go back to any part of the story (it’s more fun than using the QR Reader history). 🙂

I incorporated the story into our recent volcano assessment!

The highest ranking member at each table, based on class level or XP as shown on their 3D GameLab account, got a top secret folder, pictured above, with a communication from Starfleet and tests for each person at their table.


Table leaders opened their top secret folders to find the following:



Then the test had a question right from the story! Students learned about different volcano types so I put a photograph of a volcano. That volcano was the one on the planet Palgren. Students were supposed to use evidence to justify which type of volcano they thought it was and tell me whether we should recommend that the Palgreni relocate to a different region or be evacuated from their planet!

Then more QR codes appeared in the classroom!

After our mission to the Taurus Reach, helping the Palgreni determine whether their active volcano was a danger to the whole planet or just a danger to the region, we got the following message from Starbase 47 in the QR code that appeared on the above poster in class.

Then this QR code appeared the day after the Bombay code. This one is the first where students get to choose what comes next. A true choose your own adventure story!

Star Trek Choose Your Own Adventure Class Story
The Story Continues…
Next Episode
Following an Energy Trail
Rule Out the Klingons?
Away Team
Mid-Season Finale
Averting War
Season Finale!

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