Nov 12

Following an Energy Trail

star-trek_communiqueThe crew of the Starship Equinox had to decide whether or not to follow the energy trail from the massive weapon that destroyed the Bombay. After a quick deliberation they recommended to the Captain that he follow the energy trail back to its source to see if they could find what can wield such power.

This was the next segment in the ongoing story of the Chimacum Middle School 6th grade Room 410 Voyages of the Starship Equinox.

Here’s the code that appeared in the classroom for students to scan. (If you can’t scan the QR code, because it’s on your phone, just click on the QR code image):

I also included this as an idea of Star Trek team jobs (I fudged the colors, they are a mix of the original series – TOS – and the Next Generation):

Star Trek Choose Your Own Adventure Class Story
The Story Continues…
Next Episode
Following an Energy Trail
Rule Out the Klingons?
Away Team
Mid-Season Finale
Averting War
Season Finale!

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