Oct 17

Presenting at #WSTA2015!

WSTA 2015 2D 1The Washington Science Teachers Association (WSTA@WSTAScience) is having their annual Science Conference on Oct 23, 24, and 25. I submitted a proposal and it was accepted! I was happy about it but now that it’s drawing close the realization that I’m presenting to adults, and Science teachers no less, is hitting me! I had a dream the other night that I was in front of everyone and it was time for me start. As I looked at my notes I didn’t recognize any of them! I was flipping through page after page and didn’t see anything familiar so I stood and faced the participants with no idea what to say! It was dreadful. I was beginning to sweat and looking for my co-presenter to ask for help but I’m presenting this one alone! Aaaaggghhhhhh!

Luckily, my presentation is mostly complete because I’m doing a very similar session to the one I did this summer at the Innovation conference I co-presented with Tammie Schrader and Jeff Halstead. The session is called Gamification 101 and it serves two purposes, to learn about gamification and game-based learning and to engage in the learning through a gamified experience! The gamified experience is going to be given to the participants via 3D GameLab. Participants will learn by “playing” Gamification 101!

I’m excited to get the chance to share this with others who might be interested in gamifying their course because I’m having fun with it, my students are having fun with it and 3D GameLab has made it so easy! Here’s the slide deck I’ll be using in the sessions:

I’ll be on Sunday at 9am, after the keynote. See all your WA Science teachers who will be there!

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