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These are links to blog posts I wrote having to do with my Science classes.

6th grade Water Quality

Finishing Water Quality

6th grade Cispus Week

Mt Saint Helens

8th grade Olympic Odyssey

Tree Planting

Salmon Digital Story

Finding Microorganisms

Small Successes

Green Way to Clean Up Oil Spills

Lab Saved

Promoting Inquiry though Exploring Predictions

Extend the Lesson for Inquiry

Quick Inquiry Field Trip

Quick (and dirty) Inquiry

Can Inquiry Be Structured?

When is Structure Needed?

Whiteboarding in Science

Sometimes Science Lessons Just Go Wrong

Time Well Spent

What is On-Task? (My rantings and questions.)

Classroom Management & Communication

Project-Based Learning

Reading Strategies

Habits of Learning

Learning Styles

What is STEM?

Want great equipment or better opportunities for your students? Consider writing grant proposals.

Learning About Cells

Rain Garden

Magnify the Universe

Mossman Found! (Gorgeous moss patterns in the forest.)

Live Animals in Science


Funny Story, Serious Problem

Mt Saint Helens

Microscope repair anyone?

Interview with Two Programmers

Fish Trapping


Awesome Solar System Infographic

Best in State! (STEM)

Molting Cockroach

Learning Targets (Based on NGSS)

Plant Humor

Inquiry Dry Spell?

Inquiry in Science

Adding Inquiry

Let Nature Take its Course

A series of posts I wrote reflecting on a course I took, How to Learn Math (technically not Science but still related so I’m including it here):
Math for All
Pendulum Swing or The Answer?
Math Stereotypes
Changing Math
Teacher Moves
Growth Mindset
Course Quotes
More Math Learning Quotes
How to Learn Algebra
More on Math

Mt Saint Helens

I Modified NGSS

Text Dependent Questions



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