Jul 15

We Are Ocean Guardians!

Well, more like Watershed Guardians. Last year I found out about this NOAA project called Ocean Guardian School. When I read the description I knew Chimacum Middle School had to apply to be an Ocean Guardian School! Our Environmental Stewardship Project was perfect! Even though we focus mostly on our neighborhood creek, Ocean Guardian Schools don’t have to focus entirely on oceans! An Ocean Guardian School, “provides project(s) for students related to the conservation of local watersheds,” and that was right up our alley.

So last year I applied to add Chimacum Middle School to the Ocean Guardian Schools program. My proposal did not get accepted but I got an email from them saying that they loved my project and that I should apply again this year. That was awesome news so I applied again this year and got it! You have to be persistent in writing grants as I’ve learned.

This is exciting! Starting this fall, 6th graders will have some excellent learning opportunities. Not only do they get to participate in our long-standing environmental project but they also get to learn with Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots! SO COOL! Now I need to see if, or how, I can incorporate robotics into this environmental project. 🙂 Any ideas? Let me know in the comments section.

Flyer Made for School Board

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