Mar 09

Kids’ Take on Fake News

Common Sense Media just published a report on how kids are responding to news. As an educator, I really appreciate seeing the perceptions of many kids to news and how media bombards us with stories that “sell” not to mention all the fake news and alternative facts that are dominating today. I also appreciate having the infographic instead of just the report as its much easier to share with my 6th graders.

So I asked Common Sense Media if I could share their infographic on my blog and they said sure, just share part of it so that people can see the rest on our site and download the pdf from there since we just published it and are using it to grow our community. Totally reasonable! Thanks Common Sense Media for letting me share this awesome resource! So here’s just a portion of the infographic, to see it all please click here or click on the graphic itself.

Click on the infographic picture to see the full infographic.

Common Sense Media also has a spotting fake news resource linked from the original report.

Here are links I’ve curated full of Fake News resources.

And check this activity I made years ago to show kids why they shouldn’t trust everything they see on the Internet. I’ve added some fake news resources to it to update it!

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