Jul 06

Another Cool Partnership #OSPP

I’ve participated in some great partnerships from the North Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership (NCOSP) to the Olympic Math and Science Partnership (OMSP) to the brand new Olympic STEM Pathways Partnership (OSPP). I have learned so much from the partnerships I’ve been involved in which is why I jumped at the opportunity to join this new OSPP, whose purpose is to improve the learning of STEM or STEAM via the NGSS in our schools. By training teacher leaders from different school districts and schools and having us work with our staffs we will enrich the learning of our students!

One thing that we discussed was the definition of Science and Engineering as we delved into the NGSS. Based on my takeaways I made the following two graphics. I’m not sure if they are correct at all or if one is better than the other. What do you think? Is one of these more correct than the other? Are they both true? Or can I fix them? (Click on each graphic to see it larger.)

It was my work with the OMSP where I learned so much about AfL. Through NCOSP I extended my Science learning and practiced teacher leadership skills. And now through the OSPP I have extended my learning of oceanography, specifically ocean acidification, and learned more about working with adults! Here is an article about the launch of the partnership by the University of Washington. And here are some tweets we shared during our first week and half training:

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