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Social Studies
Latin America and Canada

Click here to download a Word Document of the Social Studies Frameworks for Grades 6-8. (It's a 292 KB file.)

We usually start the year by studying maps and orienteering and/or geocaching, then we delve into the world of Latin America and end the year by studying Canada. Halloween and the días de los muertos happen during our study of Latin America so we will study and compare them, culminating in a días de los muertos simulation celebration on Nov 1 or 2.

To study Latin America, we will start by studying the following ancient mesoamerican cultures, the Aztecs, the Maya, and the Inca. Then we will look at our southern neighbors a little more closely culminating in our grand Latin American Market Day celebration! Parents are invited to join us for Market Day which will take place sometime in December. We will also study Canada in preparation for our visit to Victoria in late May or early June. We will learn about early Canada as well and celebrate with a Trading Post day (much like Market Day).

The following links are to resources I have used in the past. How many we use this year will be determined by the class.

Cooperative Group Work Jobs

Essay Scoring Guide

Latin American Market Day Project

Market Day Documents:
Food Preparation Fact File
Market Day Parent Info Letter
Market Day Application
Manager's Application
Accountant's Application
Craft Person's Application
Advertiser's Application
Markey Day Licensing and Fees
Market Day Evaluation
Market Day Debrief

Famous Latino & Latina Biographies

Mesoamerica to Spanish Conquest

Días de los muertos prompt
Días de los muertos

Site #1

Site #2

Site #3

Site #4

Day of the Dead Resource Guide (Thanks, Tonya!)


All Hallow's Eve

Site #1

Site #2

Site #3

Site #4

Read through the sites on the Day of the Dead and on Halloween above to compare and contrast the two holidays.

Geography Sites: - This site's geography links

Aztec, Maya, and Inca WebQuest!

Mesoamerican Interactive Culture Map

Interactive Central America Map

Ancient Mexico Site


Project Self-Assessment Sheet and Rubrics!

Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Project Assessment Rubric
Separate Rubrics for each section of the Project Assessment Rubric
Exit Portfolio for the First Quarter


Research Cycle (A plan for conducting research.)

Panama Canal Project!

Comparison of Electoral Process in South America Lesson

Presentation Power



Trading Post!

We visited this wonderful museum during our field trip to Victoria.

Royal British Columbia Museum

Check this site out to learn about British Columbia.

British Columbia's site

Compare Britain's Government to Canada's.

Britain's Government Site

Compare U.S. Government to Canada's.

United States's Government Site


Whitehouse Site

Canada's main site.

Canada's Government Site

The Three Branches of Government

Ben's Guide to Branches of Government



Canadian Vacation Project!


 Early Canada Project


Early Canada Project, part 2
(Explorers and Fur traders)


Royal London Wax Museum