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Apr 29

6th Grader’s Bullying Video

I have a 6th grader who wanted to post something different to our World Solutions blog. She wanted to tell a short story of bullying. She focused on kids who are bullied just for being who they are and how wrong that is. Head on over to our World Solutions Blog and watch her short …

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Mar 14

6th Grader Shares About His Stuttering!

One of our 6th graders recorded this short video to share what it’s like stuttering! It’s short and well worth watching! Click here to visit our World Solutions Blog to watch his video, feel free to leave Isaac a comment!

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Mar 07

Video Games in the Classroom #gbl

I got an email from a student asking me if she could interview me for an essay she was writing for her English 102 class about video games in the classroom. After answering her questions I asked her if I could share my responses here and she said yes. Here’s what I wrote for her …

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