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Feb 17

Are Standards Bad?

Multiple Choice Testing Tips

What Made Standards Evil? I get it. Ever since No Child Left Behind, education reform has taken a turn for the worst. The mere mention of privatization, vouchers clouded under the guise of choice, charter schools, testing every kid, in every grade level, multiple times, and then making curriculum to prepare kids for the tests …

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Jul 21

The Inaccuracy of Tests

I’m taking an online course, Formative Assessment and Standards-Based Grading, from the Marzano Research Laboratory, and it’s reinforcing what I’ve believed about how subjective it is to grade and score kids on their learning. As teachers we strive to assess our students’learning as accurately as possible. The truth is that an A in my class …

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Dec 26

Testing or Arts?

I saw this video again and thought I’d post it. We need to see this often, at least until the test craze ends. Sir Ken Robinson’s Changing Education Paradigm animated by RSA (It’s only about 11 mins).

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