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Apr 30

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are this week’s amazing links: Education is an end in itself not a preparation for the workplace | chronotope It’s a well observed truth that because everyone has had an education, everyone feels well placed to comment on all aspects of education. Often that takes the form of “My experience of education was like this so …

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Nov 14

Response to the Biggest Challenge Science Teachers Face

Just out on Larry Ferlazzo’s EdWeek Blog, Classroom Q&A with Larry Ferlazzo, is the response to the question about the biggest challenge facing Science Teachers. Last week I shared a link to Larry’s BAM Radio show where I got to share my thoughts on the topic and here’s a link to the follow-up EdWeek blog …

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Nov 04

Biggest Challenges Facing Science Teachers

I was so happy and honored to be asked by Larry Ferlazzo (check out Larry’s blog if you don’t read it already) to be a panelist on his BAM! Radio Network show, Classroom Q&A! We tackled the topic of solutions to the biggest challenges facing Science Teachers. It was so cool! I’ve embedded it above …

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May 03

Salary versus Hourly Wages

I’ve heard this argument before. Teachers shouldn’t complain about having to work extra hours to get their work done. Other professionals get paid to get their job done whether they work a 60 hour week or a 100 hour week. Some of them work endless hours when getting a project done. So why do teachers …

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Sep 30

Sharing is a Good Thing

I came across this post by George Couros, 4 Reasons People Don’t Blog and Ideas to Help Change Their Mind. He gives some great ideas to the reasons people give. I have to admit that I’ve heard those reasons when I tell people how wonderful blogging is to me. In his post George shares this …

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Aug 28

Why do teachers resist change?

There are some factors that we need to take into account when we face teachers who resist change, specifically the changes that are possible by integrating technology for 21st century learning. One big reason teachers resist change is that our identity is being a teacher, often being a SUPER TEACHER. Add to that the way …

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