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Apr 12

Text is Boss!

My third post in a series of posts I’m writing for the WA State Teacher Leader group CORELaborate is live! This post shares what I’ve learned about the 2nd shift of the common core, that students need to engage in, “reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literary and informational,” check it out …

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May 18

Teacher Motivation

One of my blog posts sparked a comment where the question of teacher motivation came up. Specifically if tying standardized test scores to teacher evaluation can be motivating to teachers. What follows is the comment along with the questions and my response: “Good luck with your efforts. Truly shameful that you’re not getting enough support …

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Mar 26

Do Not Tie Test Scores to Teacher Evaluation

Here’s a copy of a letter I just wrote and emailed to my legislators regarding their upcoming vote on ESSB 5748, which would tie our student’s standardized test scores to our teacher evaluation. We can hold students accountable and track and report their learning without standardized testing. We can graduate students from high school without …

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Dec 10

Navigating Systems for Students

This past May and just recently in November I was fortunate to be able to present a session at two wonderful leadership conferences for newly certified National Board Certified Teachers or NBCTs. Washington state’s Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession or CSTP invited me to show some of the ways that I was sharing what …

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Aug 14

Getting Ready for School!

I will start off by saying that I have been having an enjoyable summer. Even after spraining both my ankles and being laid out (sprained one and healed it enough to go to the WA state Zombie Run where I sprained the other one on a night run – at least I made it through …

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Jun 05

Alone in the Middle

The week of May 19th six of the ten middle school teachers from my school went to Camp David Jr with our 8th grade students for an Olympic Odyssey outdoor learning experience. It was a fantastic week! Part of our outdoor experience is some hiking. There are some incredibly beautiful places to hike in WA …

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Apr 21

Teacher Evaluation? No.


What is the purpose of teacher evaluation? The corporate, privatization, voucher, pseudo-reform movement would have us believe teacher evaluation is to get rid of those horrible teachers who ruined our lives so that we can keep only the best teachers, jam their classes with 100’s of students, and give them monetary incentives to teach those …

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Oct 16

Talk Moves

I’ve written a post about Talk Moves, called Teacher Moves actually, mostly with regards to Math teaching. Talk Moves, refer to graphic, is actually a set of techniques that can benefit class discussions in any content or grade level, making it an awesome thing to know. I wanted to write down more Talk Moves than …

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Feb 21

PLN’s and PLC’s

When teachers use Twitter they form Professional Learning Networks or PLNs with hundreds and sometimes thousands of other teachers. What an incredible way to share resources and discuss current topics facing educators. A quick Google search defines a PLN as “a vibrant, ever-changing group of connections to which teachers go to both share and learn.” …

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