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Feb 27

Diigo Links Useful?

I have a real obsession with collecting resource links. I’m a Diigo hoarder. And yes, I do separate my Skittle by color before I eat them. To date I have saved nearly 12,800 links to my Diigo account. I start every day by reading through my Feedly list of blogs I follow and I end …

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Jan 01

Diigo Links (weekly)

Happy New Year! Here are some new year’s resources to sift through: 20 Best VR Apps for Google Cardboard tags:vr apps google cardboard google-cardboard google_cardboard googlecardboard Game Schooling I’ve mentioned before that we rely heavily on game-based learning in our homeschool. Earlier this year, my daughter was struggling with coin identification and value. We had …

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Jan 27

1st Semester Assessment

Peer and self assessment are both strategies used in Assessment for Learning (AfL). When it comes to assessment time, midterms and end of semester I survey all my students to get some insight into how they are learning, what they are learning, and if they need anything different from me. One thing I’ve learned over …

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Jul 01

Gamifying Take 2 #3dgamelab

This past year I tried my hand at gamifying my classes after reading Lee Sheldon’s Multiplayer Classroom. It was quite a failure. The class didn’t feel like a game. Kids didn’t show the level of engagement I was after. After going gradeless and offering kids more and more choice to take charge of their learning …

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Jul 16

Gamifying My Classes

I’m taking the leap and am going to try it out. I finished reading The Multiplayer Classroom by Lee Sheldon and I was able to start mapping out how I can gamify my classes. After two and half years of teaching completely gradeless I have found that I still haven’t managed to engage all my …

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