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Feb 20

Diigo Links (weekly)

More resources to check out: Classroom Games and Tech: Recording Podcasts with TwistedWave in Middle School Here’s a relatively short project we used in our middle school Computers class this week. It takes students through the planning, recording and editing of a short podcast. We used TwistedWave on Chromebooks. Here is an example created by …

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Jan 02

Skills Learned in School

After writing about the 21st Century C’s I added the Caring C to the list of skills I had put together. I also found some other skills to add to it. It seems to me that Caring fits better with life skills than the four C’s. If we can help students practice the following skills …

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Apr 27

The C’s of the 21st Century

I’m finding that the hallmark of 21st Century learning is a move away from the traditional, 19th and 20th century focus on the three R’s (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic) and a move to the C’s. I say the C’s because when I first read about the 21st Century C’s there were three, Connect, Collaborate, Create. The …

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