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Aug 03

How Much Socializing Can You Put Up With?

I’m just curious and want to see where different educators are at. Please make a choice whether you are a classroom teacher, a principal, superintendent, specialist, librarian or any support role. (As of 10/2/2011 I have stopped accepting votes to this survey. Scroll down to see the results of the survey.) As of 8/6/11 at …

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Jan 22

Sometimes Science Lessons Just Go Wrong

Balanced Balloons

My Science PLC has a few concepts that we have been reviewing with our students in grades 6 – 12 for the past few years. One of those concepts was brought to us by one of our high school teachers because she noticed that her students were having difficulty with conceiving of air as having …

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Jan 21

Making a Case Against High Stakes Testing

What if you had the chance to speak to your state’s legislators and help them understand some of the finer points of why high stakes standardized testing, especially when your state doesn’t even have a handle on which test are aligned to which set of standards, just isn’t a good idea? Well, one of our …

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Dec 30

Best of 2010

I’ve seen many of my favorite bloggers putting together a list of their top blogs from 2010 so I thought I’d do the same. I use the WordPress plugin Counterize II and here are the top blog posts from most hits to the least hits: iPads in Science Avatars Assessment for Learning iPads Promise and …

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Sep 06

Welcome to Mr. González’s Class!

Can you believe that school has started! Today is our first day back to school and I’m very excited for this brand new school year. I have the great pleasure of getting to work with every 6th grader as they enter middle school for the first time. I’m also very fortunate to get to work …

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Aug 04

Star Walk iPad App Review

This year’s Olympic Math & Science Partnership (OMSP) summer program was again held at the gorgeous Olympic Park Institute (OPI) at Lake Crescent. For four days Math and Science teachers met to learn more Math and Science. I brought my iPad and one app in particular made a huge impression on many teachers: Star Walk. …

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Aug 01

iPad App Reviews

My iPad Review for the IEAR

After writing my iPads in Science blog article I received a comment from Scott Meech from the I Educational Apps Review (IEAR) website. He asked me to cross post my article on the IEAR website. How cool! So I copied my article, with slight re-editing, and now it’s posted on the IEAR site! Check it …

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Jun 30

iPads in Science

iPad third screen.

[See iPads in Science 2 to see what I learned a year later.] I am very fortunate. Of the 19 years I’ve been teaching I’ve gotten at least one grant for 12 of those years; 10 of them have been the last 10 consecutive years. Four years ago I received a couple of Best Buy …

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