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Jul 15

We Are Ocean Guardians!

Well, more like Watershed Guardians. Last year I found out about this NOAA project called Ocean Guardian School. When I read the description I knew Chimacum Middle School had to apply to be an Ocean Guardian School! Our Environmental Stewardship Project was perfect! Even though we focus mostly on our neighborhood creek, Ocean Guardian Schools …

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Apr 19

How to End the School Year Strong!

I was so happy to be asked by Larry Ferlazzo to be his Q and A BAM Radio show again! This time we tackled the topic of how to end a school year! I got to be on the show with Pernille Ripp, a teacher I’ve been learning from for years on Twitter and on …

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Oct 20

How Much Change is Enough?

I’ve watched these two powerful videos, which seem to be meant to go together or at least were inspired by the same problem. The problem? Modern day schooling, which hasn’t changed enough to do right by our modern day students. It’s no secret that education, as a system, is slow to change. That even with …

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Feb 29

Meditation in School?

By ??????????????????/??????????????????????????????????????????????? - ????????? ???????? - Captured by uploader., CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11750153

Is this what you were thinking? Well, maybe we can teach students to meditate in school but if meditation is too controversial then a better way to support our students is to teach MINDFULNESS! Here are some links I’ve collected with resources and videos to help your students practice mindfulness. There’s a wave of articles, …

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May 20

Craving Acknowledgement [Revisited]

I published this post a little over a year ago. I wanted to re-publish it because of the lessons learned when I wrote it, especially the posts I linked to. It all started in 2011 when I wrote this. Last year [the 2012-13 school year] our middle school staff agreed to stop choosing Student’s of …

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May 15

Chimacum’s Walkout for Education

This morning instead of having a half day of school Chimacum teachers unanimously voted to ask our district to cancel school so that we could participate in our state’s school walkouts urging our legislature to fulfill their paramount duty to fully fund education. My last post explains why we chose to walk out and protest …

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May 11

Why are Chimacum Schools Having a 1 Day Strike?

The short answer was best said by Malala Yousafzai, “Education for EVERY child.” [Emphasis my own.] Friday, May 15, Chimacum School District educators voted unanimously to join many other schools in Washington state in what are being called rolling walkouts. (See this article in a local WA newspaper, the Peninsula Daily News.) Schools all over …

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Jan 02

Skills Learned in School

After writing about the 21st Century C’s I added the Caring C to the list of skills I had put together. I also found some other skills to add to it. It seems to me that Caring fits better with life skills than the four C’s. If we can help students practice the following skills …

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Dec 27

Holding Students Accountable

As if in response to my Relationships or Taskmaster post, the Smart Classroom Management blog published the following post called Are You Afraid to Hold Students Accountable? It’s definitely worth a read as they make a valid point. According to Smart Classroom Management following your classroom management plan is the best way to hold students …

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Aug 14

Getting Ready for School!

I will start off by saying that I have been having an enjoyable summer. Even after spraining both my ankles and being laid out (sprained one and healed it enough to go to the WA state Zombie Run where I sprained the other one on a night run – at least I made it through …

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