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Feb 18

Diigo Links Moved!

I curate SO MANY links of resources and blogs each and every day that I had to share. So I started auto-publishing my newly curated links to Diigo every week. It came in the form of long lists of links posts. I was just happy to share all the amazing things I was coming across. …

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Dec 19

Science and Engineering in the Real World

This post originally appeared on the CORELaborate blog. I’ve written about the state of the Scientific Method in the NGSS era and I’ve also written about the DOING of Science. Both those blog posts are about how the NGSS is helping teachers to educate students not only in the content of Science but how Science …

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Jul 29

My Favorite Education Podcasts

Do you listen to educational podcasts? If you do, see if you listen to the same ones I listen to, and if you don’t, then try some or all of the ones I’m sharing here. The BAM Radio Network is just awesome and here are my go to podcasts:   Vicki Davis, The Cool Cat …

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Feb 15

6th Grader Questions Water Pollution

Republishing this post to get new readers to our 6th grade blog! And I don’t blame him. I think every single person on this planet will agree that clean water is better than polluted water, and that we should take care of our water, and yet we have polluted so much of our water. I …

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May 27

Best Practices Collaborative Document

Years ago I started a best practices document. My school district’s tech committee was working on defining what we should be doing in the classroom before we helped teachers integrate technology. Using technology to do the same things that weren’t helping students won’t improve student learning. I made the document editable by all who had …

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Aug 18

Gamification: Where to Begin? #gamification #3dgamelab #gbl #arg

I’ve been getting questions about where to begin if you want to gamify your classes and I thought I’d share some of what has worked for me here. To begin I just want to say that gamification can happen without spending any money. I think the most important aspect of gamification be a change in …

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