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Oct 20

How Much Change is Enough?

I’ve watched these two powerful videos, which seem to be meant to go together or at least were inspired by the same problem. The problem? Modern day schooling, which hasn’t changed enough to do right by our modern day students. It’s no secret that education, as a system, is slow to change. That even with …

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Jul 22

Failure at Personal Finances

We talk about failure being important. We also are warned to not make failure okay, in and of itself, because what we want for our children is to see that failure is part of success. The most successful people fail a lot! I know failure. I’ve failed a lot, at a lot of things. I …

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Feb 17

Are Standards Bad?

Multiple Choice Testing Tips

What Made Standards Evil? I get it. Ever since No Child Left Behind, education reform has taken a turn for the worst. The mere mention of privatization, vouchers clouded under the guise of choice, charter schools, testing every kid, in every grade level, multiple times, and then making curriculum to prepare kids for the tests …

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Oct 02

The Reform Symposium! #RSCON4

The Reform Symposium free international e-conference (RSCON for short and this year it’s RSCON4) is back! It’s scheduled to take place the weekend of Oct 11, 12, and 13! And it’s happening at the best time for such a conference, Connected Educators Month! If you visit the Connected Educators website and find it confusing try …

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