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Jul 18

1:1 iPad Program Proposal

Back in December when I heard there was interest in starting a 1:1 iPad program in my district I jumped on the idea. I got with the middle school teachers (all nine of us) and I asked if they wanted to pilot a 1:1 program in our school. Everyone was on board so I started drafting …

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Jul 16

Math for All

Do you like math? If not, why not? Do you think that you are good at math? Can all kids learn math? Is what we’re doing in school math? If you’ve ever had these questions or know people who hate math or feel that they can’t do math then this Standford U free online course …

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Nov 12

Microscope Repair Anyone?

So I’ve been looking at what we can do to replace or repair our broken-down microscopes. We have about 20 Boreal Skopes compound microscopes about nine of which are still working well. Asking around about who can fix them I learned that there are no microscope repair people anywhere in the peninsula (the North Olympic …

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Nov 29

What is STEM?

My work as a grantee of one of the first WA STEM Entrepreneurial awards is very exciting. I gotta say that doing this type of work is a great way to keep my job fresh. At a recent WA STEM grantee meeting I learned about the next level of the work. My work at school …

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Nov 07

Innovators or Pioneers?

When I think of innovators I think of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. They come up with something new and people use it. I guess there are people who are innovators whose stuff we don’t use or whose stuff aren’t so famous but I am familiar with many Apple products and the lure of Facebook, …

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May 12

Our Race to Somewhere

Tuesday night at 6pm Chimacum Middle School hosted a screening of the movie Race to Nowhere. We had 92 people from our community, our schools, Sequim, and Port Townsend attend the screening and afterward many stayed behind to discuss the movie’s content. Speaking for myself, the movie was amazing. At a few points throughout the …

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Feb 10

We Are the Change We Need

Every Tuesday educators from all over the world use a Twitter tool known as a hashtag to participate in online discussions. Every Monday the moderators post a list of questions for discussion that educators vote on and the topic with the most votes becomes the topic for Tuesday. A hastag in Twitter starts with a …

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Jan 21

Lessons I’ve learned from my Student’s Blogs

This is a post that I wrote when Joe Bower, who teaches middle school aged children in Alberta, Canada, asked me if I would write a guest post on his blog (see it here – Joe has an incredible blog where he writes often about changing education for the better). I jumped at the chance …

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Nov 29

Can Inquiry Be Structured?

Short answer, yes. There is a time and a place for everything. And even with inquiry there is a time and place for structure. I think learning a structure like the one in this blog is great for elementary teachers who teach Science. Is this the only way? No. Should you do this all the …

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