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Aug 20

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are more amazing links to great resources: oTranscribe tags:transcription audio tools transcribe otranscribe web 4 Ways of Building Safe Learning Environments for Your Students tags:ways building learning environments students safe 30 creative ways to use Padlet for teachers and students – BookWidgets tags:padlet strategies use class classroom student students 10 ways to create an …

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Mar 07


Our middle school is on Year 2 of our work with a WA STEM PD project. Here’s a video I put together to share the major highlights of our work with WA STEM: In the video I share some resources that we’ve been using for our PLC work. The WA STEM PD project was inspired …

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Feb 15

Live Coaching PD

As a WA STEM PD school on year 2 of our grant work, we get to use an IrisConnect LiveView camera. What we’ve learned from WA STEM research is that WA state teachers want effective Professional Development (PD) that includes observing models of instruction, having time to practice and reflect, get peer coaching, and receive …

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Aug 28

Innovative PD Grant!

Our school was chosen as one of 45 schools added to a WA STEM innovative PD program! I will be sharing our professional development model soon. Here’s the official press release: Chimacum middle school to participate in Initiative to fuel professional development FOR TEACHERS in STEM education For Immediate Release (#wastem) August 26, 2014 Chimacum …

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Aug 06

Educators Connecting

I’m a little slow sometimes. I may even be days to weeks behind when things are trending on Twitter or Google Plus. I have to admit that I came a little late to Connected Educators Month! I attended a webinar and am starting to join in some of the many activities there are to choose …

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