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Jul 15

We Are Ocean Guardians!

Well, more like Watershed Guardians. Last year I found out about this NOAA project called Ocean Guardian School. When I read the description I knew Chimacum Middle School had to apply to be an Ocean Guardian School! Our Environmental Stewardship Project was perfect! Even though we focus mostly on our neighborhood creek, Ocean Guardian Schools …

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Feb 16

A 6th Grader’s Take on Trash

Republishing this post to get new readers to our 6th grade blog. Here’s what one 6th grader has to say about trash: Trash Her thoughts are typical and they make sense. Yet how many people still toss trash out their car windows or decide to drop their trash on the ground instead of holding it …

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Jul 21

Imagine, Inspire, Innovate! #waospp

Wednesday, July 20, the WA state Olympic STEM Pathways Partnership (OSPP) teacher leaders were able to attend an awesome event at the Galaxy Uptown Theater in Gig Harbor to review our first year of work, our second summer of training, and to look forward to our second year working with collaborating teachers in our schools! …

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Jul 06

6th Grade Ocean Pollution Public Service Announcement

This 6th grader wrote a nice piece for a water pollution Public Service Announcement (PSA) activity we did in class. Check out her blog post and see what you think!

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