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Feb 20

Diigo Links (weekly)

More resources to check out: Classroom Games and Tech: Recording Podcasts with TwistedWave in Middle School Here’s a relatively short project we used in our middle school Computers class this week. It takes students through the planning, recording and editing of a short podcast. We used TwistedWave on Chromebooks. Here is an example created by …

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Jan 31

NGSS and Rocketry

This post was originally published on the WA State CORELaborate site! A STEM Partnership and Rocketry This is my second year as one of the teachers of OESD 114’s Olympic STEM Pathways Partnership (OSPP). This past summer we got to work with UW Earth Science professors through a NASA-funded consortium! One of the activities we …

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Jan 15

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are more resources for this week: Rhym(ing all the timing) | Tim Rylands Rhyme ‘n Learn, (“Music That Puts The Cool Back In School”), is maths and science taught by mnemonics. Mnemonics use word associations like rhymes so that a term or fact is easier to recall later. An example of a mnemonic is …

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Dec 22

Aligning a Kit to the NGSS

This post was originally published at the CORELaborate blog here. Aligning a Kit (or any Science Activity) to NGSS I have the STC/MS Kit, Energy, Machines, and Motion (EMM). I use that kit with my 6th grade students for their physical science experience. The first unit of the kit is the Energy unit. The NGSS …

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Dec 21

Diigo Links (weekly)

Check out these awesome links: [Pseudocontext Saturdays] Fish Tank – dy/dan What mathematical skill is the textbook trying to teach with this image? Every Saturday, I post an image from a math textbook. It’s an image that implicitly or explicitly claims that “this is how we use math in the world!” Carol Dweck Explains The …

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Nov 28

Inquiry Boards Bottle Flipping Lab Write-Up

This post was originally written on the CORELaborate blog here. Last week my 6th graders used Inquiry Boards to design and conduct experiments flipping water bottles. I took photos of a few of their lab write-ups and graphs to show the great work they did. Using Inquiry Boards makes the lab write-up process much easier …

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Nov 22

Bottle Flipping Lab

This post was originally published on the CORELaborate WA blog here. NGSS says start with a phenomenon to hook kids, get them interested and get them thinking and asking questions. After having to ask kids every day to stop flipping their bottles in class so we wouldn’t have to hear that obnoxious bottle falling sound, …

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Nov 21

NGSS & The Scientific Method

This post was originally published on the CORELaborate WA blog here. Is the Scientific Method dead? Does the NGSS have guidelines for students as experimental designers? Before NGSS, WA State’s revised 2009 Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALR) number 2 was the Inquiry standard for questioning and investigating. That provide a framework for how Science teachers …

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Nov 14

Response to the Biggest Challenge Science Teachers Face

Just out on Larry Ferlazzo’s EdWeek Blog, Classroom Q&A with Larry Ferlazzo, is the response to the question about the biggest challenge facing Science Teachers. Last week I shared a link to Larry’s BAM Radio show where I got to share my thoughts on the topic and here’s a link to the follow-up EdWeek blog …

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Nov 04

Biggest Challenges Facing Science Teachers

I was so happy and honored to be asked by Larry Ferlazzo (check out Larry’s blog if you don’t read it already) to be a panelist on his BAM! Radio Network show, Classroom Q&A! We tackled the topic of solutions to the biggest challenges facing Science Teachers. It was so cool! I’ve embedded it above …

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