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Mar 28

A Stewardship STEM Project

This post was originally published for WA CoreLaborate at the CORELaborate blog! Chimacum Middle School 6th graders have been monitoring our neighborhood creek, Chimacum Creek, for the past 15 years! When asked to to develop an integrated STEM unit this year for our 6th graders I went to my fellow 6th grade teachers, the Humanities …

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Apr 04

Beyond the Textbook?


Students, teachers, and schools can have access to cell phones, smart phones, iPods, tablets, netbooks, or even laptops to learn. Any of the aforementioned devices allow for learning on the move, which means anytime, anywhere learning. The technologies have the power to expand the classroom and transform learning and education to something it has never …

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Mar 06

Why Collaborate?

Why collaborate? That is the question. Let me focus in a bit on a more specific question. If you, in a middle and a high school, were given the opportunity to meet regularly with your peers why would you want to? What could all the Science teachers in grades 6 through 12 meet about if …

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Jan 06

Guest Post: Science that Sticks

As teachers, we hope to do more than just teach kids information they need to pass tests and score well on end-of-grade exams. We hope to teach information such that the kids remember it five, ten, and even twenty years later. We hope to imbue students with useful facts and figures and to teach critical …

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Nov 21

Habits of Mind

Content area teaching, teaching subjects in isolation, separate of each other, is a common practice in school. I’m guilty of continuing the traditional practice of specializing and teaching only one subject. And the funny thing is that my national board certification is on integration (generalist)! I started my career as an elementary teacher, 4th and …

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