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Jun 01

Is Variety Better?

Coming up on the last two weeks of school I started to reflect on something I’ve maybe been taking for granted. I’ve noticed that I offer my students variety. Variety in Science instruction (and curriculum to an extent), variety in integrated technology and variety in how students show what they are learning. Lately I’m wondering, …

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Mar 09

What is the Best Device?

That seems to be a matter of opinion. Personal preference also plays a part in this. It also depends on what you need to accomplish. This is a subject of great debate so I wrote a post on my district’s tech blog, which I am cross posting here: I have discovered in my career that …

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Dec 18

WordPress Troubles

I’ve been using WordPress for over six years now. I have a WordPress database on my hosting service. I also have a couple of blogger blogs and although I like them both I prefer my main, professional blog on WordPress (mainly because I’ve been using it so long and customizing it, and I’m used to …

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Dec 01

Moving to 1to1

Working in a small school district I get to actually work with our superintendent! After starting my career in the Los Angeles Unified School District this is just awesome. I’m part of our district technology committee so that’s one way I get to work with our superintendent. So what do you do when your superintendent …

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Jun 17

Looking for Ideas

I have this vision of something I’d like to do at the start of each class. I usually start by talking. I remind kids what we’re doing, where they left off the day before, and what the agenda or goals are for the current time period. I find this useful because my students only have …

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May 01

iPads vs Netbooks

It’s not like I have the money to buy any more iPads or any more Netbooks but I’ve been thinking about which one to recommend if the question comes up at our district tech meetings. I’m basing this pro and con comparison on my classroom. I have 14 first generation iPads and I’m borrowing five …

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Oct 17

My Idea of Flipping My Classroom

There has been so much debate and attention to flipping the classroom. Just Google flipped classroom or Khan Academy and you’ll find plenty to read. At first I have to admit that I thought it was a great thing. Videos out there teaching my students things that I might be teaching. Not only can my …

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Oct 05

iPad Friendly Sites

When my Science students blog using an iPad, ClassBlogMeister accommodates them by offering two choices for typing. One choice allows the author to format their text with word processing menus like the image below. The problem is that iPads, mobile devices, cannot type in those graphical text boxes. It sucks! But all is not lost …

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Sep 28

iPads in Science 2

Last year, around October 2010, I got 13 iPads for my Science students through a service-learning grant. This is the start of my second year using those iPads with my Science students. The summer before I got the iPads I was able to try one out myself and wrote about the possibilities here. I elaborated …

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Sep 26

My ClamCase Experience

Just about six months ago I got my ClamCase for the iPad 1 that I had. I searched and read reviews on so many bluetooth keyboards and cases for the iPad 1 and the ClamCase was the one that fit my needs the best. I had an apple bluetooth keyboard but having the keyboard separate …

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