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Dec 17

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are great blog posts from this past week: Remix It! 27 Resources for Finding Free Digital Content to Use for Digital Learning – Teacher Reboot Camp Technology and social media have ignited an artistic share revolution. The Worldwide Woes of Rural Education | Stories From School It’s no secret that there is a shortage …

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Oct 03

Medals for All vs Medals for Finishing

I started watching this season of Survivor. I’ve always liked Survivor and reality games like that because it appeals to the part of me that likes to see how people act in out of the ordinary situations. I did major in psychology in college after all. This season they are pitting Millennials against Gen X’ers. …

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May 20

Craving Acknowledgement [Revisited]

I published this post a little over a year ago. I wanted to re-publish it because of the lessons learned when I wrote it, especially the posts I linked to. It all started in 2011 when I wrote this. Last year [the 2012-13 school year] our middle school staff agreed to stop choosing Student’s of …

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Nov 14

PBIS & Acknowledging Students

I had a most enlightening conversation with my advisory group about rewarding, I mean acknowledging, students. Our school is now a PBIS school and part of our efforts to reward positive behavior includes teachers giving slips of paper to students when we catch them engaging in positive behaviors. The slips of paper have the traits …

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Oct 22

PBIS and Rewards

After wondering if I was being hypocritical for denouncing the use of rewards systems to encourage positive behaviors from kids yet using experience points and badges in my gamified classroom I had the following Twitter conversation helping me think through PBIS and the use of rewards. [View the story “PBIS Rewards vs Acknowledging” on Storify] …

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Oct 20

Am I a Hypocrite?

Sometimes I feel like hypocrite when I denounce extrinsic rewards. I’ve been vocal at my school about my discomfort rewarding students for things they should be doing. Things that many of them do anyways. We even abolished our monthly awards ceremonies and student of the month award ceremonies last year. But now we have become …

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Apr 22

Craving Acknowledgement

Last year our middle school staff agreed to stop choosing Student’s of the Month and to stop giving out monthly awards for behaviors in which we want our students to engage. My advisory students conducted a survey and we found out that a majority of students reported feeling left out and not appreciated by our …

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