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Sep 03

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are some awesome resources from this past week: Free Technology for Teachers: Where to Find and How to Use the New Kahoot Math Games Earlier this week Kahoot launched a new featured called Kahoot Studio. Studio is a curated collection of math games made by Kahoot and aligned to Common Core standards. In the …

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Mar 09

Kids’ Take on Fake News

Common Sense Media just published a report on how kids are responding to news. As an educator, I really appreciate seeing the perceptions of many kids to news and how media bombards us with stories that “sell” not to mention all the fake news and alternative facts that are dominating today. I also appreciate having …

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Jul 10

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are some more great resources! Nerissa Angwin on Twitter: “As a teacher I dislike homework & I feel for parents. Unfortunately for many schools it’s policy. #dontlikehomework https://t.co/N6X8vYOlT5” Policies about homework are not about kids. They don’t trust teachers. They are wrong PERIOD. https://t.co/OckqgTx2Iz How to Make Beautiful and Effective Infographics | Social Media …

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