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Mar 09

Kids’ Take on Fake News

Common Sense Media just published a report on how kids are responding to news. As an educator, I really appreciate seeing the perceptions of many kids to news and how media bombards us with stories that “sell” not to mention all the fake news and alternative facts that are dominating today. I also appreciate having …

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Mar 23

Skills to Focus On?

This infographic is helpful in choosing some good skills to help our students gain: Employers Identify Top 5 Job Skills infographic Source So how do we foster these skills in our classrooms?

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Feb 10

Awesome Solar System Infographic

Solar System infographic by uaeinfographics.

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Apr 04

Beyond the Textbook?


Students, teachers, and schools can have access to cell phones, smart phones, iPods, tablets, netbooks, or even laptops to learn. Any of the aforementioned devices allow for learning on the move, which means anytime, anywhere learning. The technologies have the power to expand the classroom and transform learning and education to something it has never …

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