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Jun 07

Putting Images on Blog Posts

Images make blog posts look better and help the reader make sense and visualize what he or she is reading. I teach my students about checking images to make sure they are not copyright so they are only putting Creative Commons or Public Domain pictures and photos on their blog posts. So many photographers out …

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Jul 03

Diigo Links (weekly)

Great links! Check these out: Protecting Children’s Privacy – A Guide for Parents, Carers and Educators #onlineprivacy #identitytheft #edtech #cybersafety Animated GIF editor and GIF maker tags:gif gifs animation animated editor edit optimize GIF speed changer tags:gif speed animated edit Dr. Justin Tarte on Twitter: “Any rule that prevents a student from getting what he/she …

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Jul 01

Gamifying Take 2 #3dgamelab

This past year I tried my hand at gamifying my classes after reading Lee Sheldon’s Multiplayer Classroom. It was quite a failure. The class didn’t feel like a game. Kids didn’t show the level of engagement I was after. After going gradeless and offering kids more and more choice to take charge of their learning …

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