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Jul 13

Goodbye to my iMacs

Our iMac

Back in 2011 I wrote a blog post about going full circle, kind of, from integrating technology by having students work 1:1 student to computer in a computer lab to having computers in my classroom. In the classroom I started with one computer for all students to use, then I upgraded to a 1:4 student …

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Jun 12

Tech Fails

Last year I wrote some posts sharing all the problems we have using a mix of different devices, some of which are beyond their prime. – Problems with Tech – Google Classroom on Older Devices – Android Tablet Accessing GAFE Tools – Multiple GAFE Accounts, Shared Devices It’s been over a year since my last …

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Mar 28

Older iMacs

Back in 1998 my school put the first model of iMac in my classroom, the Bondi iMac pictured on the left. I rotated groups of students through the Bondi iMac as they created websites using HTML as part of the projects they were working on at the time. We’ve come a long way since the …

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May 01

iPads vs Netbooks

It’s not like I have the money to buy any more iPads or any more Netbooks but I’ve been thinking about which one to recommend if the question comes up at our district tech meetings. I’m basing this pro and con comparison on my classroom. I have 14 first generation iPads and I’m borrowing five …

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Jun 30

iPads in Science

iPad third screen.

[See iPads in Science 2 to see what I learned a year later.] I am very fortunate. Of the 19 years I’ve been teaching I’ve gotten at least one grant for 12 of those years; 10 of them have been the last 10 consecutive years. Four years ago I received a couple of Best Buy …

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