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Oct 24

Diigo Links (weekly)

More amazing resources! Check these out: Sketchnoting in an Earth Science Classroom – tags:earth earth science science sketchnote sketchnotes sketchnoting Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Good Tools for Scheduling Follow-up Meetings After Parent-Teacher Conferences Parent-teacher conference season will be upon us shortly. Most schools have a system in place for scheduling the conferences so that …

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Aug 13

Results Only Learning Environment #RoleTalk

Monday night Mark Barnes held a Results Only Learning Environment or ROLE Twitter chat based on his book, ROLE Reversal. I read his book earlier this summer and I’m totally going to transform my classroom into a ROLE classroom. I’m actually quite close to having a ROLE classroom. For years I’ve been trying different things …

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Jan 06

HW and Trust

Thinking about homework again I’ve heard some of the reasons for giving homework and it boils down to trust. It seems, by the way some teachers talk, that they don’t trust that parents are properly preparing their children. Some teachers worry that parents don’t read to their kids or don’t encourage their kids to read …

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Feb 15

How to Motivate Students?

Thanks to @web20classroom, @ShellTerrell, and @tomwhitby for hosting a great session this morning with Alfie Kohn, @alfiekohn (with backchanneling still going on at #kohnlive), where we got to ask questions about grades, homework, standardized testing, the state of education and reform, and teacher preparation. For those of you who are wondering what the @ symbols …

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