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Jul 23

Diigo Links (weekly)

Check out these fabulous resources: On Reading Tasks | I used to ask students to write in their reader’s notebook for a few minutes every day after they finished reading.  Some days they could write about whatever, other days I had a specific prompt.  Just four minutes because four always seems less dau… 9 Ways …

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Apr 25

How Do You Engage Your Students?

This post was originally published on the CORELaborate blog! Do kids already have grit?? A comment left on Kristen’s Movement in the Classroom post by Carina struck a chord with me. In her comment, Carina wrote, “If my students need a break from our learning every 10 minutes, what am I teaching? How can I …

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Apr 23

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are some great resources I found this week: Free Technology for Teachers: Kitchen Science – Let’s Make Butter SciShow Kids recently released a new video titled Let’s Make Butter. The video provides directions for making butter in your kitchen then goes on to explain the science of what happens in the process of making …

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Mar 12

Diigo Links (weekly)

Here are more excellent resources from this past week! 20 Excellent YouTube Channels for Math Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning March 10, 2017 Math learning and teaching can be so much fun especially when done through the right strategies. One of these strategies is through engaging video content. To this end, we have …

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Mar 06

Diigo Links (weekly)

So far I’m getting the message to continue sharing links I find every week! Click here to vote if you didn’t get a chance to vote yet. Free Technology for Teachers: How to Search For Public Google Docs This morning at the NCTIES conference I shared with people how to search for publicly shared Google …

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Aug 21

Diigo Links (weekly)

More great resources! What do schools with low student suspension rates have in common? | Chalkbeat tags:discipline classroom management school relationship relationships classroom management classroom-management classroommanagement 6 Opening and Closing Routines for New Teachers | Edutopia tags:closing opening routines teachers ‘Vital’ For Parents To Discuss Sexting With Children – Schools Improvement Net tags:parents sexting children …

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May 22

Diigo Links (weekly)

My latest finds! Check these out: ePortfolio Solutions with Google and Microsoft | TCEA tags:eportfolio portfolio electronic options solutions Chrome Experiments tags:google chrome google chrome experiments google-chrome google_chrome googlechrome html5 media digital tools technology 10 Amazing Google Chrome Experiments You Need to Try tags:google chrome google chrome experiments google-chrome google_chrome googlechrome Teacher leadership & deeper …

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Jul 27

Grading to Inform

There’s a lot of discussion around grading and specifically how traditional grading falls short of informing how well students are doing in a class. Letter grades and percentages do not inform students and their parents as to how well they are learning the material. That one final letter or final percentage includes way too much …

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Aug 01

My 2nd Guest Blog Post!

My guest blog post on Joe Bower's site.

Joe Bower’s blog, for the Love of Learning, was a big help and support for me while I was researching going grade-less. His section on Abolishing Grades has many posts that he’s written throughout his time teaching with no grades. He’s been doing it longer than most of us so it’s nice to read his …

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Jul 22

My First Guest Blog Post!

Jason T. Bedell's Blog

I just finished posting my first guest blog post on Jason T. Bedell’s blog! Jason was asking for guest posts on his blog about grading and assessment so I wrote a post titled, “Why Grade to Assess?” It was great to be able to reflect some more on the changes I’ve made to my grading …

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