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Jul 27

Grading to Inform

There’s a lot of discussion around grading and specifically how traditional grading falls short of informing how well students are doing in a class. Letter grades and percentages do not inform students and their parents as to how well they are learning the material. That one final letter or final percentage includes way too much …

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Aug 01

My 2nd Guest Blog Post!

My guest blog post on Joe Bower's site.

Joe Bower’s blog, for the Love of Learning, was a big help and support for me while I was researching going grade-less. His section on Abolishing Grades has many posts that he’s written throughout his time teaching with no grades. He’s been doing it longer than most of us so it’s nice to read his …

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Jul 22

My First Guest Blog Post!

Jason T. Bedell's Blog

I just finished posting my first guest blog post on Jason T. Bedell’s blog! Jason was asking for guest posts on his blog about grading and assessment so I wrote a post titled, “Why Grade to Assess?” It was great to be able to reflect some more on the changes I’ve made to my grading …

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Apr 07

Midterm and End of Term

My meez animated avatar.

May 5 is the midterm and June 18 is the last day of school. By midterm and by the end of the term students and parents will get a progress report like I always provide. I can print out paper copies for families that don’t have Internet at home but remember that I publish my …

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Mar 20

Change in Grading Policy for Mr. G’s Science

Mr. G's wimped out avatar.

Monday, March 22, 2010, students were given copies of their final grades for the 2nd trimester. Students received a progress report along with a letter for parents. I drafted that letter after an earlier blog post I wrote about grades. I’ve come to the decision that grading my students is doing harm. Based on conversations …

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Mar 06

Do Grades Help or Hinder Learning?

As our 2nd trimester comes to an end and I prepare final grades I’m left wondering if grades and marks like grades help or hinder learning. I began to wonder about grades and homework after reading some articles written by Alfie Kohn. After reading, Changing the Homework Default I bought Kohn’s book, The Homework Myth …

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Feb 15

How to Motivate Students?

Thanks to @web20classroom, @ShellTerrell, and @tomwhitby for hosting a great session this morning with Alfie Kohn, @alfiekohn (with backchanneling still going on at #kohnlive), where we got to ask questions about grades, homework, standardized testing, the state of education and reform, and teacher preparation. For those of you who are wondering what the @ symbols …

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Jan 30

Midterm – Full of Chances

Monday, Feb 1, is our official midterm day. The half way point of our trimester and our entire year! This is a good time for reflection. As your teacher I am continually asking myself, “what can I do to make Science meaningful for my students?” And, “how can I communicate with my students and their …

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Nov 17

Recent Projects Graded

Greetings everyone. I have been updating grades almost every day as students have been turning in missing assignments non-stop. (Still updating as of Nov 24.) But today I uploaded a new update that includes 6th grade Freshwater Pollution Blogs and the 7/8 Biome Podcasts (click on each one to see what students did). Check those …

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