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Apr 25

How Do You Engage Your Students?

This post was originally published on the CORELaborate blog! Do kids already have grit?? A comment left on Kristen’s Movement in the Classroom post by Carina struck a chord with me. In her comment, Carina wrote, “If my students need a break from our learning every 10 minutes, what am I teaching? How can I …

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Mar 14

World of Warcraft Interview!

Thanks for Kae Novak, a true games master, I was interviewed by Classcraft about how I use Lucas Gillispie’s World of Warcraft in Schools curriculum with my 6th graders! While I gamify my Science classes, the class I teach where 6th graders play World of Warcraft is an example of Game-Based Learning or GBL as …

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Feb 28

School as a Game

This post was originally published on the WA CORELaborate site! In a way, school is already a game. Think about it. Think about your top performing or A students. They have figured out how to play the game of school. They know how to complete assignments, turn in their homework, do well on quizzes and …

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Feb 14

Flow in School #gbl #gamification

Gamification and Game-Based Learning (GBL) are all about student engagement. Does the kid in the following picture look engaged? And how often do we see little ones looking like the one above? How often do we see teenagers not just sleeping in class because they are not getting enough sleep at night or because they …

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May 25

Final Trek Chapter!

This is the conclusion of our Star Trek part live action role play, part choose-your-own-adventure story: The QR code is clickable. I had planned to share this conclusion right after spring break but I had hoped to share it before spring break. Instead the QR codes were put up in my room now, at the …

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May 22

Averting War

Not real war, this post has the next chapters of our ongoing missions aboard the class Starship Equinox. 🙂 After the mid-season finale, last post in this series, we were left with the mystery of destruction of the Tholian ship, the Aen’q Tholis. Unlike the Bombay and the Endeavour and the Equinox, the Aen’q Tholis …

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Apr 08

My #GBL & #Gamification #NCCE2015 Notes

I took my Twitter Storify notes from NCCE 2015 and put together all the notes from the gamification and game-based learning sessions I attended. – Kids who dropout in HS actually became disengaged in middle school! (It’s our job to stop that from happening so the question becomes, how do we keep our middle school …

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Mar 26

Game-Based Learning #gbl

The above video shows an example of how my 6th graders are playing World of Warcraft during the WoWinSchools course I am teaching this year. Slowly, especially in light of much research being done on the subject, people are starting to see that video games are not bad. They do not make kids violent and …

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Mar 25

WoW Dancing #gbl

Once in a while we take a break from questing in World of Warcraft, from questing in 3D GameLab, and from practicing our keyboarding skills and we just meet up in a big, virtual city to get together and dance. 🙂 These are some of my 1st WoWinSchools class 6th graders meeting up in Stormwind …

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Mar 07

Video Games in the Classroom #gbl

I got an email from a student asking me if she could interview me for an essay she was writing for her English 102 class about video games in the classroom. After answering her questions I asked her if I could share my responses here and she said yes. Here’s what I wrote for her …

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