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Mar 14

World of Warcraft Interview!

Thanks for Kae Novak, a true games master, I was interviewed by Classcraft about how I use Lucas Gillispie’s World of Warcraft in Schools curriculum with my 6th graders! While I gamify my Science classes, the class I teach where 6th graders play World of Warcraft is an example of Game-Based Learning or GBL as …

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Oct 14

Gamification Resources #RSCON4 #ce13

The 2013 Reform Symposium free, international e-conference weekend has come to an end. If you missed any of the wonderful presentations they are recorded here! Connected educators month is still going on, October, so hopefully some of the great presentations or keynotes got you excited about connecting with others to learn and grow. I shared …

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Jul 06

Rewards and Gaming #3dgamelab

The idea of badges and achievements in gaming is a problem for teachers who have abolished extrinsic motivators in their classrooms. In 3DGL there is a Badges section, an Achievements section and an Awards section. I’m really conflicted by the awards section because it’s more like rewards than badges and achievements in my eyes. I …

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Jul 02

Planning for the Fall Already #3dgamelab

We’ve barely been out of school for two weeks and I’ve already had the first day of school nightmare! What the heck?! It’s probably because I’ve been obsessing with 3DGL and I’m so excited to use it that I’m jumping right in planning my year. I think it’s better to do it now, while I’m …

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Nov 19

Interview with Two Programmers

During the Seattle Startup EDU Weekend I had the chance to work with two programmers. In high school I studied Basic, then in I tried a little Pascal. I liked programming but didn’t major in it in school, following other interests instead. When I started teaching I learned html and tried to get back into …

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Jun 18

When is Extrinsic Motivation Okay?

I’ve been looking into gamification and how it can help motivate students to have fun and learn Science. I would love to make certain lessons, projects, or activities look like a game to motivate students to learn boring things like vocabulary. I’d like to do that without points, badges or too many rewards. I’ve abolished …

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