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Mar 26

Game-Based Learning #gbl

The above video shows an example of how my 6th graders are playing World of Warcraft during the WoWinSchools course I am teaching this year. Slowly, especially in light of much research being done on the subject, people are starting to see that video games are not bad. They do not make kids violent and …

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Feb 24

1st Quarter WoW Complete #gbl

This all started as a 6th grade Exploratory class offered to all 6th graders for one quarter at a time. Students got off to a great start last quarter, the first time this class was offered to 6th grade students. As students began the class they agreed to our class charter, thought and wrote about …

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Feb 23

1st Quarter WoW #gbl

The above brief snippet is very representative of a typical day in the computer lab last quarter (technically the 2nd quarter of the school year but the 1st quarter for our WoWinSchools class). I had 27 sixth graders in that class, the students from my 1st period Science class. Using parts of the WoWinSchools curriculum, modified …

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Oct 14

Gamification Resources #RSCON4 #ce13

The 2013 Reform Symposium free, international e-conference weekend has come to an end. If you missed any of the wonderful presentations they are recorded here! Connected educators month is still going on, October, so hopefully some of the great presentations or keynotes got you excited about connecting with others to learn and grow. I shared …

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