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Jul 20

Sharing Learning Expectations

After retweeting this Science Teacher’s blog post on Twitter about sharing standards with Science students I had this conversation with David Grossman: Letting Students in on the Secret | Science Teacher In Training #scichat #afl http://t.co/ALfC9NqScC — Alfonso Gonzalez (@educatoral) June 21, 2014   @educatoral Sometimes I want students to discover the concept like a …

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Jan 04

Mass Production Feedback

I’ve written about some of the great training I’ve had on Assessment for Learning (AfL) also known as formative assessment. I’ve gotten some great resources but frankly there is way too much. It’s quite overwhelming to keep up with my everyday work of guiding students along the learning experiences that I’m preparing for them AND …

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Jan 02

My Fave 11 of 2011

It’s that time of year again. Where people look back and reflect on their top posts. I was reading Pernille Ripp’s top blog post and she made a great point. Instead of listing the posts that got the most hits list the ones that mean the most to you! I love it. And actually I …

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Jan 02

Learning About Cells

This year my Science PLC is focusing on using learning progressions. We’ve worked for years on eliciting evidence so we moved on to a new focus, namely sharing learning expectations. [Disclaimer: I’ve read some bloggers who raise some great points about sharing learning expectations and using rubrics with our students so I’d like to note …

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Dec 05


Talk Moves Poster

Through my work with the Olympic Math and Science Partnership (OMSP) I have been learning a lot about the formative process. One aspect of formative assessment or assessment for learning that is of extra interest to me has been questioning. Questioning used to be one of the five key strategies of assessment for learning but …

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Aug 05

RSCON3 Was Sooooo Cool!

For me it’s the middle of summer (a little past middle so middle-ish). How cool is it in the middle-ish of summer to get to choose from a bunch of great sessions taught by incredible people from whom I learn so much? Very cool. How cool is it to do that online, without having to …

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Jul 23

Reform Symposium Presentation on Student Blogging!

Saturday, July 30 at 1:30pm PDT (UTC -7) I had the great honor to be able to share something I’ve been enjoying doing for years, having my students blog! Educators from all over the world convened at this year’s Reform Symposium, RSCON3, and my presentation was Student Blogging for Reflection, as e-Portfolio, and as Formative …

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Jun 13

Applications of Formative Assessment

At our final OMSP leadership meeting we read a little bit of W. James Popham’s book Transformative Assessment in Action: An Inside Look at Applying the Process to discuss. We first came up with our own definitions of formative assessment. I thought my team did pretty well. I mean, here we all are, teacher leaders …

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Jan 28

Whiteboarding in Science

Even after almost convincing my 8th graders that air had no mass I still moved them forward and hope that they remember all the different gasses that make up our air and how each gas has an atomic weight, which would lead to the reasonable connection that air does have mass. It is, after all, …

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Jan 22

Sometimes Science Lessons Just Go Wrong

Balanced Balloons

My Science PLC has a few concepts that we have been reviewing with our students in grades 6 – 12 for the past few years. One of those concepts was brought to us by one of our high school teachers because she noticed that her students were having difficulty with conceiving of air as having …

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