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Jul 15

We Are Ocean Guardians!

Well, more like Watershed Guardians. Last year I found out about this NOAA project called Ocean Guardian School. When I read the description I knew Chimacum Middle School had to apply to be an Ocean Guardian School! Our Environmental Stewardship Project was perfect! Even though we focus mostly on our neighborhood creek, Ocean Guardian Schools …

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Mar 28

A Stewardship STEM Project

This post was originally published for WA CoreLaborate at the CORELaborate blog! Chimacum Middle School 6th graders have been monitoring our neighborhood creek, Chimacum Creek, for the past 15 years! When asked to to develop an integrated STEM unit this year for our 6th graders I went to my fellow 6th grade teachers, the Humanities …

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Aug 24

Chimacum Creek Summer 2016 Temp

After 14 years of collecting water quality data with my students on our neighborhood creek I finally have a way to get temperature over the summer to compare to the spring and winter! Thanks to the Olympic STEM Pathways Partnership (OSPP) work we’ve been doing I have temp sensors that I can put in the …

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Jun 21

Environmental Youth Summit

Nice article in the Kitsap Sun about the Environmental Youth Summit my 6th graders attended in early June. Pictured in the article is one of my students! 🙂 Anything written about Chimacum or Chimacum Creek is what my 6th grader’s worked on! Check it out.

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Jun 08

6th Grade Blog Post about the Problem with Cows

Another post written by one of my 6th graders for our World Solutions Blog about The Problem with Cows. She did some great research and takes an environmental look at the impact of cows on our planet. Check out her post and leave her a comment if you get a chance!

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