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Jul 15

We Are Ocean Guardians!

Well, more like Watershed Guardians. Last year I found out about this NOAA project called Ocean Guardian School. When I read the description I knew Chimacum Middle School had to apply to be an Ocean Guardian School! Our Environmental Stewardship Project was perfect! Even though we focus mostly on our neighborhood creek, Ocean Guardian Schools …

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Aug 24

Chimacum Creek Summer 2016 Temp

After 14 years of collecting water quality data with my students on our neighborhood creek I finally have a way to get temperature over the summer to compare to the spring and winter! Thanks to the Olympic STEM Pathways Partnership (OSPP) work we’ve been doing I have temp sensors that I can put in the …

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Aug 15

How to Learn Algebra

[This is part of a series of posts I’m writing as I reflect on another online course I’m taking this summer, Stanford University’s EDUC115N How to Learn Math. Sure, I’m a Science teacher but I have taught Math so I’m familiar with Math instruction. Besides, we do use Math in Science so it’s not like …

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May 07

The Scaffolding vs. Struggling Debate

Ronnie Burt wrote a blog post about a debate he’s been having with Sue Waters, Edublogger Debate: Scaffolding vs. Struggling – Can You Be Too Helpful? I found the topic quite intriguing as it fits perfectly into what I spend a majority of my time worrying about, Student Engagement and Student Discipline. So the question …

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Apr 01

The End of a Great Streak

I wrote two grant proposals this year and did NOT get either of them. With that came an end to an incredible 13 year streak of getting at least one grant per year. I have been very fortunate. But with failing and broken equipment and the threat of losing the 1:1 environment that I have …

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